All of our physios have undergone extensive postgraduate training and have an average of 16 years postgraduate experience. With that level of experience are able to focus on what your goals are: whether that is to run a marathon, lift up your children or simply sit at work without pain.

Most physiotherapy conditions settle quickly, and without the need for further management. With our expertise we can target these problems quickly and effectively, preventing recurrences by identifying and addressing any risk factors at an early stage.

We have an unrivalled skill mix within the team, and when encountering a problem that is difficult to settle, our ability to draw on each other’s training and experience is invaluable. The simpler problems can respond to a variety of approaches. The more complex and chronic the condition, the more skilled the treatment has to be. If your problem cannot be fixed by physiotherapy alone, we have relationships with a wide range of consultants to whom we can refer for further investigations and management.

Experience has taught us that no one approach has all the answers, and that the answer lies with identifying the underlying causes of pain, rather than focussing on the pain alone.

“I was pleased with how quickly I could see a physio, and how quickly I improved with treatment. The care was excellent.”

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